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                                                                   OUR VISION
There is enough resources in our land of Australia for every person to have their own home and to have enough food to eat. Australian people are enjoying a consumer bonanza like never before. Never before have there been such a selection of exciting goods on the market.
When the price tag is calculated against prices we paid for similar goods 45 years ago some big surprises appear. I bought an electric drill 45 years ago for $10 to use even figures instead of 9 pound 9 and sixpence. Farm wages then were almost 10 shillings ($1) per hour. Therefore over 20 hours work to buy the said electric drill. Recently I purchased an electric drill for $15.
Farm wages these days are about $15 an hour, 1 hour work to buy the electric drill now.

Over all qualiy wise I would prefer the latter purchase. The modern electric drill has a plastic body for electric safety I was not comfortable using my first electric drill with a steel case. the modern model has features such as variable speed, reverse and hammer drill.
(Update approx. 4 years on, 2012 I have just replaced my electric drill for $20.
The down side of course is these products are imported and are not produced in our own country.

I still hear the saying "as mad as a two bob watch. A two bob watch fifty years ago sure would be mad. A wrist watch 45 years ago cost around 10 pound. Two bob in the economy of today would be two bob multipyed by 15 = 30 shillings or 3 dollars. We can go into some of these cheap item shops and buy a wrist watch for $3. Not real prestige but will keep good time. So the two bob watch is not so mad any more. 

Check your local village idiot if he will now surprise you also if the passing of time as done wonders and he may not be mad any longer.

Forty-five years ago I though petrol was expensive at 4 shillings a gallon that is about 1 shilling a litre. Multiply by 15 for todays conversion is 15 shillings a litre = $1.50 a litre. We now pay around that a litre. I would say the pressure is coming from us having so many things to keep going these days even those who are blessed with owning their own home. The way life is now it is false economy not to have most of what we have now. For example it would be a lot more expensive not to have communication access. I mean use not abuse.


The coastal fringe property around Australia is priced far above the average first home buyer. The Australian dream has become the Australian nightmare as even if so many of these people do acquire a house many can not keep up the morgage repayments. These people then are evicted from these homes. Renting is also now a nightmare with both the price and availability. Some time back first in to apply would have the home where as now the applicant has to compete against a number of other people who also want the home and may be a week before a descision is made.

                                              LANDS AND PLANS 

There are towns in the Australian out back that will give land free on condition that familys build their homes in a certain time and build the community. The land in other places of the out back that are not major centres or near mining boom towns is a fraction of the price of the cities. I was speaking to another person and I wept about out back towns dying as people are leaving because there is no facilitys or employment in these places. I have an out back town singled out to drop factorys into. I want to develop green power travel with two and four wheel vehicles and also to take human powered flight to new levels. A human powered plane has flown across the English Channel. Human powered helicopters have not got far off the ground. I intend to develop the world's first successful human powered helicoptor. I have a focus to manufacture these planes, helicoptors, bicycles, and perhaps small cars with a human power plant delivering double the out put as what is the normal performance. Imagine the world demand for a bicycle that is half the effort to push and not to mention the youth of this world with a "feral green mean machine". I have a focus to break world records with speed and various other which ways. I am certain that there are a quiet a number of other people with innovation but do not know how to proceed or have the facility to develop prototypes and patents so many other products could be manufactured in my factories. As revelelation is more caught than taught that we are all creative.

I believe God has indicated to me that has called me into the arts for the end times.
The arts means raising end time finances from our creativity. Also showing the world that we are created in the image of a creative God and we are also createive.
Such things as song writing, singing, video production, painting and what I am called into is inventing.

To build new communities is very inspirational as every one needs each other. I want  the folk in my community to have the opportunity to own their own homes. To have a stress free live and oportunity to have time with family and pursue interests in life. The climate is harsh in the out back with extremes of temperature. I ask of which is the most heat, the heat as in the climate of the out back or heat in the cities as in the stress with large morgages, traffic hold ups no space to have any form of self expression. Then again I will put my trust in the man who calmed the water in the sea of Galilee for all this to happen.


I kind of know that there is food being dumped out of restraurants. I know but I also do not want to know about this waste as I protect my emotions from such turmoil. I think the same way when I see land not being productive and could easily be so.

I know that there are people trying to get this food to the poor and hungry to them I say go for it you have the blessing of the Lord Jesus.


Every person who buys e-books or other products from our web site or supporting us in any other way will be helping us to fulfil the vision of housing and feeding the poor and hungry. On these farms we will work close to nature so as to maximize the nutrition and flavor. We will remineralize the soil, we will not use poisons and the produce will be produce will be left as long as possible on the bush so as to maximinize nutrition and flavor.

Not all people in our nation are poor. Australia is a wealty nation but the wealth is not spread evenly.

I have lands and plans vision to sell farm produce by personaly placed orders when making deliverys and also the Internet or phoned in orders for those customers who are not yet to get jet set with the net.

It is not legal to sell anything by knocking on a persons door. We may knock on some ones door, letter drop or phone up for an order and as a separate  action make the delivery.

When the farm is producing crops a section of the town at a time could be canvassed for orders. Customers could pay according to their ability but still giving excellent value and personal service to the financialy comfortable. This latter classification of people can feel good as to the fact that they are getting value for their money with their vegetables and their money is supporting this vision in that the poor people are being helped.

Many people do not have space or the freedom to use same. 
By teaching people to how to grow their own food themselves these people develop self esteem and open new paths in their minds. Poor people need a hand up not a hand out. I choose the hydroponic method of growing to be the most productive. healthy and exciting method of growing. 

Looking at all the various ways of setting up hydroponic systems can cause a lot of confusion. I will develop the most simple ways. There are not many shops that sell hydroponic equipment. I will be able to help make available any equipment that is not available in any person's region.

                          ADVANTAGES OF GROWING ONE'S OWN FOOD 

The food is always fresh. The food is not so fresh at the end of the hand out cycle.  Minimum of food can be stored in refrigerator as most food can be harvested as needed.  Harvesting is far more effient in a back yard as the food is required by an individual person than everyone's vegetables harvested by a work force. Many natural wonders can be captured in the back yard garden. If one has the space and freedom to do so.
Furthur information is available in my book " Food From the Garden".
Paula and I are believing that the money receved from our various enterprises will finance housing projects for the poor to have their own home. We have an innovation to greatly improve human powered travel. So we have a high profile portfolio.

I know that there are quiet a number of people who have innovation that could be turned into inventions but they do not know which is the best course of action.

We would consider whether these products would be suitable to be manufactured in our factory under mutual agreement or give further advice if not so. 


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