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The money I receive from the sale of my E-books will enable me to buy what is necessary to put Ausliberty the worlds fastest bicycle in the market place and therefore finance my feeding and housing the poor people.

"The Other Side of Computer Jargon" is a computer humor book.
This book gives examples of how that if we do not keep sharp focus on what the other person is speaking about we can easily go to the other side and think that they are talking about some other subject. For example if the subject being discussed is about a web it could be web that of a spiders lunch catcher or web as in the Internet. Both spider and web can be checked out in the Grosset Webster Dictionary

I have selected the following examples from 166 such entries from the content of this book. I trust that this book will bring much needed laughter into peoples lives. Laughter will bring much liberty to the spirit soul and body. 

 2. WEB SITE: The location of the web, built around the house, 
     shed, yard, including such places as the grill of the ute.
 12. WEB TOOLS: The hose nozzle for a fast blast.
                         The cobweb broom for a brisk swipe.
 13. SECURE SITE: Not very secure for a spider to build a web site in or 
                          around peoples homes.     
 26. BROWSER; When we have money we are a shopper.
                      When we do not have money we are a browser.
 27. OPTIONS: Browsing is a very poor option to shopping.
 32. SHEETS OF PAPER: Paula and I have cotton sheets. 
 36. FLOOPY DISC: About time to service the disc plough.
 37. DISC DRIVE: The tractor.
 38. UP LOAD: Studying from a book at the table.
 39. DOWN LOAD: To put pen to paper to secure a good idea.
 82. ESCAPE KEY: Need to escape out of the house for a time.
      the escape key is one with the Harley Davidson insignia.
 83. INSERT KEY: The Harley has been checked over, ready to go.
                        Just insert key, play the pipes, enjoy the 
                        freedom and continue the legend.
  84. CAPACITY: There is no substitute for cubic capacity. 
 112. PRINT DENSITY: Divide the number of hound dog prints 
        in the freshly planted garden into the area of the garden.
 145. USB PORT:  Sounds like a good drop.

I also added The Backyard Shed, The Australian Business Report, By Him-self or on Him-self or Both, Not All Things are How they Appear, Our Side of Bill Gates. also an article entitled I apply Caution to Both Sides of Use By Dates.

Our Side of Bill Gates. A side of Bill Gates that we do not very often hear 

Editon one 48 pages. Order by quoting:: 001 Jargon. Not ready for sale. 

Food in bottles, jars, packets, boxes and on shelves. This is all that a lot of people have known. These people must be shown that all food has been grown. 

This book is focused on motivation to do gardening and to enjoy our lives by enjoying the life around us. This book has more gardening motivation than it does horticultural information. I have chosen the following as an example of the contents of the book.

This article is entitled "Can we watch our garden grow"
It is normal gardening procedure that we can not sow seed and harvest instantaneously. As we know there is a time factor on planet earth that all processes of life are programmed to. The law of physics on planet earth. We can not plant a seed now and harvest the crop immediately or even tomorrow from seed.

The next best thing to overcome this hold up besides using time-lapse photography is the continuous sowing system where as we can sow a seed now and immediately harvest and eat. Not from the "will be later" plant from the seed just sowed but from a neighboring plant. It is so good to have the garden in all stages of development where is sowing and harvesting at the same time.
We can sow a seed then view the plants in all stages of development including eating the fruit. It is so reassuring to have just sowed seed and wonder if they wil ever grow as the bed looks so dull and void of all life and look over at another bed being  of germinated advance. Then there is confidence that the void of life bed will soon be of germinated advance also.

While we can not watch the second to second movement of growth, some days we can see the total growth since the previous day in certain plants during their optimal growing times.

Edition one 47 pages. Order by quoting:: 002 Food.  Not ready for sale.

In this health research manual I never use the word 'incurable'. I believe that there is always something else to try. I also never use the word 'guarantee' as every persons matabolism is different and the root cause of the affliction may vary, so any one remedy may not work on everyone. In this book I have taken information from what I consider to be general knowledge and sometimes also from my own personal experence. No information is to be substituted for any advice given by your doctor or any other health care professional who are treating any person for any particular ailment. If any person excercising their contitutional rights applys any of the remedys in this book do so at their own risk. I will not be responsible for any out come that any person has from any involment they have with this book. This ebook is sold on the condition that it is acknowledged that my information is always brief and needs more study for the full overall treatment. I expect anyone applying any information to them selves from this book to do so in a responsible manner and also be under the care of a medical doctor or other health care professional who is trained in that particular area. I sell this ebook on this condition. 

I call this book a health research manual as we can work out which remedys would be worth trying as we understand more about our bodies and also share information and testimonials.

In the following article from my health research manual I convey my sensitivity to our women folk as I think of the pain they endure in their genital area. CYSTITIS and other afflictions in the genital area. Cystitis 'cyst' Latin for bladder, itis means infection. Cystitis, Bladder infection, Urinary tract infection, Urethritis, Eschrichia Coli, Vaginal thrush, Candidiasis, Candida yeast infection, Candida recent name for monilia, Yeast overgrowth, Brides disease, Honeymoon disease, Honeymoon syndrome, Honeymoon cystitis. 

Which ever part of the genital area is invaded
The level of pain and agony is always the same
With what ever the affliction is given a name
Our women folk have suffered many a shame
Our wowen folk have coped many a blame
For not always following the game
Being so lame with that burning flame
Oh! to quell the fire mingled with barbed wire
Woman hood is to be enjoyed
Not to have pain and agony employed
To try these remedies one should be persuaded
                                                      Geoffrey D. Wheeler
I suggest something from a range of natural therapys for each of the following ailments.

 Acne, Aids, Allergies, Anemia, Anti-biotic Resistant Cases, Appendicitis, Arthritis, Asthma Bed Wetting, Diseases of the Kidneys including Bright's Disease Correcting Kidney Failure, Cancers, Breast Cancer Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Throat Cancer, Chonic Fatigue Sydrome, Chron's Disease, Colds, Colitis, Coughs and Colds, Cysts, Cystitis,  Depression, Diabetes, Removing Fluid, Improves Digestion, Dizziness, Energy Boost, Conjunctivitis, Eye Sight Improvment, Eczema, Epilepsy, Candida, The Flu, Food Poisoning, Gangrene, Sore Throat, Tooth Ache, Gonorrhea, Hemorrhoids, Conditioning Hair, Heart Valves, Hepatitis B, Immune Deficiency, Infertility, Indigestion, Leukemia, Maleria, Mental Disorders, Menstruation Correction, MultipleSclerosis, Migraines, Nephritis, Parkinson's, Prostrate Problems, Prostate Cancer, Pneumonia, Polio, Pleurisy, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sharpening the Senses, T B, Increasing T-Cell Count, Tetanus, Ulcers Ugly Capillary Veins on Face and red colouring on face, Varicose Veins, Yeast Infection,  Venereal Disease, Vertigo, Warts, Whooping Cough, For a well being Feeling, For a Youthful Appearance, 

No guarantees, claims or promises but I bring to attention those things I believe are worth trying. For example a substance that can be bought from the local gardening shop and is known to delete cancer including brain trumors within two hours also to knock out any bacteria or virus. I believe I had a cancer in my leg that was weeping and after two teaspoons of this subtance I felt the cancer gone in two hours. I had a showdown by sundown. If I had taken the remedy in the night time I would have had a surprise by sunrise.
I kept taking the substance for a few days to ensure a full recovery.
Edition one 91 pages. Order by quoting:: 003 Health.  Not ready for sale.

God created Adam and Eve in his image. Adam and Eve begat children in their image. Then through a small forest of family trees to this generation we learn that we are created in the image of a creative God so we are also creative. Genesis: 1. 26-27 Genesis 5. 3 Genesis 9. 6

In this book I discuss Bible subjects interwoven with our potiential to be creative. I also share my excitment about the future as we keep close to the Lord Jesus.

The book of Acts is our blueprint. The book of Acts is the only book in the New Testament of the Bible that does not end with an Amen. Amen means let it be or so be it. The book of Acts is the account of the early church and the same book of Acts will account for the end time church as greater things will happen in the times ahead than they did in the early church.

Along with Bible subjects I enlighten my readers as to how much potiential they have to be creative.

Edition one 90 pages. Order by quoting :: 004 Creative.  Not ready for sale.                         




Do not try using confusing lessons of mess instruction causing mass distraction.

This book is in simple and easy to follow format. It is all simple instruction.
Instruction that would have saved me a lot of time over the last 10 years if I
had known these things from when I first started computer.

     27 pages   Order by quoting::   005  Lessons. Not ready for sale.                             


                  AUSLIBERTY THE PUSH BIKE

This book as just been started .  Ausliberty the push bike has more development to go  before entering the market place.

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                               FUTURE BOOKS

The following is a number of suggested corrals that I have made to hold the round up for my contributors who write a whole book. The contributor can of course choose their own title if they wish.  The contributors who write less than a book including those who only write one line will all go into one book with all subjects indexed.  This book will be entitled ::

                                THE WORKS OF MY READERS.

                                ( Plus everyone else )
Bible stories, rural life, gardening, family life, any wholesome subject for children. 

                             HEARING FROM THE BUSH
I beat about the bush. My heart gives a big beat when I hear about the out back bush. We have heard from Moses and the burning bush Exodus  3:2  We have heard from President George W Bush. Many people have heard me say that food does not come from a  shop shelf, box, bottle or packet but rather food comes from a bush. Yes, I heard of the Harley Man who made a ring for his bride by slicing a piece off a Harley Davidson bearing bush. We now need to hear from people in the rural and outback bush.  Also people who would like to be in the rural and outback bush I believe there are many people with vision to transform the out back bu

                      A NATION IN CELEBRATION
There is so much happening in our nation.Exciting testimonials from people who wish to tell of their experiences. Different people different ways to get excited. Some people show off on a day off.

                                       BY WAY OF POETRY
A collection of poems by people of the Christian faith expressing their innermost feeling towards Jesus the Creator and Redeemer.

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