About Us
About Us
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Insights into us can be obtained from reading this web site and also in my books. A fair assessment of us should be able to be made after reading our web site and my 5 books. Assessment regarding our character, our vision and the things that we love to do. 

In 1997 I was under way with writing. It is now 2012. It took these 5 books to express a lot of things that was on my mind from a life time of thoughts and pieces of knowledge and experiences and what I had learnt from books A lot of new things also came into my mind. I added a great lot to my knowledge as I got on a steep learning curve from traveling the Information Super Highway. 
There will always be something that I will be writing about. I am now entering a new fulfilment in my life from writing to build 5 books to simply adding and updating to marketing these 5 books then increasing my book list to books made up from contributors. An incentive royalty plan is shown in the previous web page.

My album cover is The Continuing Works of Geoffrey Wheeler. While I am REFIRED and not RETIRED it will never be the Complete Works of Geoffrey Wheeler. I will always have something to write about as I usually learn something each day.

We have the Complete Works of William Shakespear because this person is not in a position to do any upgrades.

 Aso I am the character with lots of character to find out how much character I have I only have to just check the book file on the computer, to count page, word and characters.

 I will be helping provide food for the poor, home ownership for the poor and researching and thinking up new green energy innovation.

I deputize my posse to do most of the writing. 

We will encourage people to grow as much as their own food as they can.

We will encourage farmers to work with nature and stop nutrient run off in to water ways including The Great Barrier Reef.

We will do all we can to research ways to reduce fertilizer costs to farmers.

We will research the reason why honey bees ae dying out.
We have a report that bee keepers useing natural methods are not losing any hives. We must have bees to have food on the table.

We will encourage people to take charge of their own health.

We do believe in dealing with the root cause. We believe hospitals are large enough and there are plenty of staff. The problem: Too much sickness.
We believe that most patients in hospitals are there because of poor life-style.

We believe jails are large enough. We believe to put troublesome people in the right environment. We have vision to develop retreats to provide such an environment to prove this transforming power.

We believe we can manufacture the world's first successful human powered helicopter.

We believe we can greatly improve the performance of already proven to fly human powered planes.
We believe we can continue the aviation legend in Bundaberg.

We believe we can manufacture bicycles that are the fastest and are the least effort to push in the world  We will have a world wide demand and market for this product. 

Various innovative ideas of using solar energy.

Using fuel twice and not just once.

DYSPRAXIA:  When a child has learning problems.  Although myself have not read this book, I would expect this book to be very good.  Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural treatment for Autism, ADD/ADHD Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia (Paperback) By (author) Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride   Publisher Medinform Publishing  Format Paperback 400 pages. ISBM 10:   0954852028

DOWNS SYNDROME:  I have read very good testimonials by people who have used a patented formula by Dr. Koch marketed under the trading name of Vitacel. Also study the information on the Internet as to the results being received from Mega-Vitamin therapy. Mega-Vitamin therapy  is taking vitamins far beyond the usual daily requirement.

LIVER REPAIR: Check out Avocado and or Tumeric. Speak to a person in the health shop industry if a product called Livertone would be suitable for you. Livertone restored the livers of two of my family members some time ago. The liver was damaged by excess alcohol consumption. Other causes of liver damage can include hepatitis or food poisoning.

LUPUS: Lupus is an autoimmune disorder where the body's immune system attacks itself. There is no one particular place of the body that Lupus will attack. Example places are skin rash,blood vessels,eyes,lunges,nerves, joints and can cause very serious damage to the kidneys. I recommend to study a product of Mannatech called Ambrose to get the immune system in order through cell to cell communication (both Mannatech and Ambrose are registered trading names). Try Colloidal silver. Also a parasite cleanse and heavy metal metal toxicity should should not be over looked.


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