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              AND PAULA WHEELER
Proverbs: 21: 13. Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

Proverbs 22:9 He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.

Proverbs 28:27. He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.

Proverbs 19:17. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay again.

Proverbs 14:21. He that despiseth his neighbour sinneth: but he that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he.

Isaiah 58: 10-12  And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday:

And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones; and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places : thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.


The poor people are among the most important people in the world, if it were not so, why did Jesus make the promises that he did to those who help the poor?

 All scripture is taken from the 1611 King James Holy Bible.

We have put the Lord Jesus first on our web site. The reason being is that we do not expect to make our vision a reality unless we put Jesus first in all things.


                               FOOD FOR THE POOR

When I see poor people getting help outs for food my rural background kicks in and stirs up inside me. I have had these community helps in times past and of such I am very humbled and grateful for. I believe the profile must be lifted so poor people can access the total of their fruit and vegetable requirements. 
The community helps are non-perishable goods of such is out of my calling to provide directly. My vision is to provide fruit and vegetables for free or at low cost so a poor person can then buy the other items.
There is very good advice given out by the government health departments to eat enough fruit and vegetables. Then next, we hear from the poor people saying that we do not have the money to buy vegetables.  How can the low income people pay $9.99. kg. for parsnips $4 k. for tomatoes  $3. for a lettuce $2.85 for a 1/4 kg. bunch of radish. $2. for a cucumber. $4 for a bunch of silver beet (swiss chard) $4 for a bunch of kale, $6 kg. for broccoli and so on.
How can poor people juice up or make smoothies at these prices. 
In my book "Food From The Garden" I motivate people to grow their own where this is possible.
Water melons are not the same as they used to be. I believe it is because of the mineral depleted soil. Though I buy a lot of water melons I will not buy rock melons.
Also about a third of the water melons are half rotten. Have you seen a water melon grow on a dead vine. I have never seen a green vine end on a melon bought for $20.

Not many people have the space to grow vegetables in amounts to be able to juice up. There may be a certain health problem  that requires a glass or two of vegetable juice a day.  Cucumbers at $6 a kg. How can one. I have grown cucumbers and know how easy they are to grow and also know the abundant yield they give. The same with radish juice for certain health situations at $2.85 a 1/4 kg. bunch. Radish are also very easy to grow. There is no reason for this price for a miniature bunch. I am determined to develop a simple system of  gardening also motivate people to grow in ground or in pots so that poor people can grow vegetables for themselves or if not I will grow it for them.

Then again I would like to correct myself I can not grow anything. The plants grow them selves from the life force installed in them by the Creator after I have tended to their needs. The same as I can not heal my body or the body of anyone else. I can only do what I can about setting up the conditions so the body with it's life force aimed at good health can correct itself.

Preparing the soil with a tractor, driving the tractor at running pace with multi-row seed planters, starting a pump and watering a vast area at a time, every chore can be done with modern day methods. I give the Creator the credit for the growing and I do the tending.  The news media is reporting that people are not eating the recommended amount of daily vegetables and fruit.
The next news is the poor people say they do not have the money to buy the vegetables. When Paula and I get our farm we will show the meaning of abundance and liberty.

We will acquire farms in the Bundaberg district and give produce with out charge to the poor people and charge others in proportion to their ability to pay.  Even so all sales will be much lower than shop prices. This Bundaberg farm project will come first before the next project of HOME OWNERSHIP FOR THE POOR  We are open to any financial help or any donations of land or farm machinery.

                                    FOOD PRODUCTION

100 vegetable plants from a land area of 1 meter by 1 meter excluding walk ways. A new system I have the revelation of.

                     Feeding the poor is discussed in  OUR VISION page.


A block of land can be bought for around $2 million in rural outback which calculates at around $5 a 1/4 acre.

Land ownership for the poor is not in my planing. I plan to build and make available homes of the relocatable type. Like a caravan park (trailer park in USA.) where the people own their homes but not the land. Instead of living compact there will be plenty of space, storage for goods and workshop facilitys to enable people to be creative and productive building self esteem. Poor people like most other people in Australia have an income. After rent or mortgage payments there is nothing  left for other things.

So these budget homes could easily be paid off because the person would have no crippling expenses of rent, most food would be produced on the agricutural division of the vision, there would be space to store goods, have access to work shops for creative projects into green energy research and have facilitys to repair vehicles cheap. Oportunitys to be productive and earn and save more money. 
For example  poor people even if they lived in a tent, with the social structure  around them such as it would be, would enable these people to upgrade rapidly from a tent  to a comfortable and functional home. Not much would look the same  from one week to the next.

Ways for starting a home would be, shipping containers, caravans, camper vans, vehicle vans, I have already mentioned a tent. All these could be quickly upgraded and paid for quickly as most food and possessions  needed would be acquired easily by bulk buying from various resources and the word RENT would be a word of the past and be forbidden to be used in any present tense or future tense. 

People would be able to pay off their homes fast as living expenses would be a lot less as what food is not grown on the linked up farms will be resourced along with other commoditys in bulk buying power and community interaction.
There is to be nobody cruising around collecting rent. When a home mode of a humble beginning has served its purpose and the person has upgraded to a home of the next level it is to either to be given or sold to someone else who is coming from the same situation.

I project myself to when I have the resources to do the following.
I will buy land in the Australian outback. A block that would be home to approximatly 1 million people and this only an example block of land.
The example market asking price is $15 an acre. Quick figures would be after allowing land space for roads and community space a block of 1/4 acre Australia dream would be something like $5. 

There is normaly a huge expense in adding the following to land to develop residential blocks. The added expense of surveying the blocks, building roads, connecting sewerage, connecting water, power and phone.
The folks would in our vision would own their own homes but not the land. The estate would be alike a giant Holiday park, Caravan park Trailer park. Call it what you like but there will be difference of liberty.

Let us consider each of these add on costs to establish residential blocks the conventional way that puts the price of these blocks out of the reach of poor people.

SURVEYING: Each persons domain could be marked out and have the use of the land rent free without any actual owership to set up their demountable homes.

BUILDING ROADS: A massive saving of money if we can do our own thing with the roads and do not have to pay for the usual sealing.
Perhaps we may have favor as to the classification we present.
 A mixture of horticultural, agricultural and manufacturing.
If the whole estate is classified as a farm and every one classed as a farm hand.

CONNECTING SEWERAGE: I do not believe in sewage. I believe in composting toilets for their water saving and to save the cost of setting up and maintaining sewage.

CONNECTING WATER: Many outback properties have a good water supply from arteson bores.  These bores are very deep going into the hot manta of the earth. The water comes out very hot. Water has been free flowing for many years without the use of pumps.
There has been a move to cap back the flow of water from these bores  as it is would be logic to think that there must be an end sometime to all this water.
This water source would be called fossil water meaning water that has no replenish from rain fall. Normal water wells are recharged from rain fall. 

Water quality varies from these arteson bores. Water for many outback towns come from these bores. 

We can think up all kinds of ways as to where our water supply will come from. 
There would proberly be a welcome for us to use all the water we want from unusable water from some of these artesion bores and we can express our creativeness as we desalinate.

I am believing that God will bless the outback with normal rain fall as to make the outback fully productive. I believe for every vision that God gives, God also gives the provision.

CONNECTING ELECTRICITY: This can be overcome. If the power is available that will be all right and if the power is not available that will still be all right as we will build our own power station to give us something more to be excited about.

I heard a prophecy some time back that what God was going to do with the outback of Australia would draw people from overseas to come down under for a look.


I believe that relocatable homes are the way to go. The owners of these homes can always move to another site on the development  or any where else that they find their opportunity in the nation.

Relocatable homes are the style of home I focus on. I believe shipping containers or sometimes called cargo containers are one way to go.

Capable experienced people will use high powered cutting tools to quickly and safetly cut out the spaces for the windows to be fitted.
A home could be established for about the same cost as the stamp duty and the legals of buying a "normal" home.

With experienced trades people on site the inexperienced home builder will be guided
through to a top job every time.

Shipping containers are very strong and can be placed on top of each other like building blocks and also placed together so there are no limits to potiental space.
 I am not into high rise. Two shipping containers could be placed a distance apart and a room could be built with recycled building material. the two containers would give the load bearing structural strength.


To design a completly different home one must take their mind off the way a convential home is built.  Like when I designed Ausliberty the push bike nothing happened until I took my mind completly off the convential bike construction.
When innovating something new one can not have one's mind inside the square and be looking at that which as been done or our mind will lock into all gears at once and jam up. 


It is of no use trying to duplicate a convential home when a poor person would not have the money to be able to buy either the front or back door.  So we must take our mind to basics. We must start at the reality end where a homeless person is sleeping in the freezing cold at the best this person may have the luxury covering of a bridge or bushes or be inside a drain pipe. There is an ever present danger of being robbed or attacked.  While these people are living in the city even when they do find a place to live they will never be able to buy food after paying rent. "Food" to use the word loosely. When Paula and I buy a large rural property the land use will be given free to homeless people to build their homes on. All the money that these people do have will go into building their lives. Three first important things in real estate is position. 
A position outside of the city.


The above people would consider a cardboard box to be a luxury. On our property these homeless people who have no money could start off living in a tent for a week or two until they build a more comfortable dwelling. I am developing a method of building that a home can start off small then grow larger as modules and pieces are added. The construction cost of these modular homes should be less than half the cost of using shipping  containers.    

ANSWER:  The length of time from any given point in a 24 hour period as to the appearance of day light or the appearance of starlight.   
With a modular built home to have the above is the removal of 1or 2 ceiling/roof modules.                                      

There is a large amount of waste in Australia. I have seen a sample of what is being dumped. There are people who would give unwanted building materials and house fittings if they knew these items were going to a creditable vision to enable poor people to have their own home. Depending on the available building material some may prefer to build other ways.

Items such as windows, doors, bath tubs, showers, wash basins, taps, and all other manner of plumbing items, floor coverings, kitchen sinks, kitchen cupboards, storage cupboards, timber, roofing iron,, bricks, blocks, tiles as in bathroom and kitchen tiles and clay sand bedding tiles but not clay roofing tiles. Furniture, electrical appliances, PVC pipe, polythene pipe and so much more. Anything that is needed to establish a home.

All these items that are excess to a person's requirements either get dumped  or get sold at a fraction of there real value. These items can either be sold or donated to this homeless people vision.

I do not at this point in time have any land space to store any amount of building material or house fittings. These goods would need to be collected and stored across the nation  then trucked to the location where these homes and commmunity are being built.

Australia and the USA will both be large market places for our products to finance this vision.
The money from sales of products will be the provision for the vision.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3.  Write your vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come."
                          We must catch the vision and run with it.

 There is a big world out there. There is a bigger world within each of us. Paula and I believe in the potential of people who have a desire to succeed. We both have a positive view on life. Paula is looking forward to writing books. I have wrote five books and have created a further number of titles. The books after this first five will be mainly from contributors. Contributors who write complete books will of course will have created their own titles. I will create more titles to hold the round up to suit the particular classification of information that I publish from my contributors.

                                            COME RIDE WITH US

Come ride with us. We are heading out a posse. We will deputize contributor riders to be an extenstion of ourselves for us to ride together on a
 "Buster Muster" to track down and and round up exciting information and ideas to strengthen folk and give poverty a ripe ready busting for stopping them from having finances to buy even the essentials of life. Also poverty in the area of knowledge and wisdom, stopping folk to know how to enjoy even the essentials of life. Also verbal poverty, not having the chance to share their information. I am always ready for a duel with poverty. I am dual drawing, both barrels blazing, sharp shooting. I am well focused to bring poverty down. 

I am pistol packing, information stacking. Any rider in our posse who has tracked down and rounded up any mighty fine information or ideas and send them in to me, and if I accept them for publication, posse riders who contribute small amounts even a one line will be easy drawing as they draw 50% royalty for books sold in hard copy format after printing and postage costs and 50% royalty for e-book format with out having to write a full book.
These contributors will be dual drawing as the usual royalty  payment from a publisher is 10%. So we have easy drawing as in the small amount of minimum contribution of 1 line and we have dual drawing as in the generous royalty payment. Will I be beaten on the 50% royalty draw for e-books? Contributors do not need be concerned with having enough to hold the front and back covers apart. We will hold the covers apart corporately as we all have the pleasure from the treasure of information for the population of our nation and ourselves for edification, our education, our inspiration and to reduce the length of duration of the situation of being in a state of intimidation from poverty. A show down with poverty is long overdue. It is a gigantic world in there when we ride our software horse in the large spread within our souls. All folk have so much in the spread of their soul personal experience, personal research and personal viewpoint and dreams.
                                                       OUR GOAL
Our goal is to write and publish our own books and also publish other authors books that will exceed the 100 million sales barrier. Part book royalty payments will be calculated on the value of the space that the contribution takes up this space value will be based on the selling price of the book and the number of lines in that particular book. A one line contribution could draw to the tune of 100 thousand dollars if the sales of the book were 100 million. Progress payments would be made so there would be a limited amount of cheques that would sport the 6 Os. 

I do not make any claims or any commitments as to the future of our publishing business apart from my commitment  to pay the agreed royalties on the sales of books at the agreed times.
The projected sales figures are not fact but are the outcome of my excitement when I consider some things that are fact.

The 6 billion world population. If I can sell to 1 person in every 60, that would produce 100 million sales figure.  (update 24 July 2012 the population is now officaly 7 billion)
When I think of business success I think of Henry Ford and the success of the T model. Nineteen years, 1908-1927 production of various designs of
T model Ford automobiles exceeded 15,000,000. 
I challenge myself and my writing riding posse to produce books to break the 100 million sales barrier for any particular book or books to sell
6 2/3 times more than the Ford model T automobile. Does any one know what the world population was back then? I know one thing, the roads were not chocked like they are now. We need to see something exciting on the other side of traffic jams, regular tailgaters, the time taken to cross two ways of traffic when there are no traffic lights. Looking for a parking spot, looking for a particular street and discover that the street is out of line of vision under that row of cars. 

These days it is not a case of how many cars are on the road, but rather how much road can you see. When I view the big picture through traffic congestions, 

I view this problem as a challenge and consider these people as prospective customers for free enterprise. Add to this the fact that I do not see many older model cars on the road. there is the mass population, there is the mass wealth. I see the business world dripping with diamonds if we can connect product to the populous. 

The usual royalty payments that magazines pay is somewhere around 25 cents per word for short articles. Some magazines pay by page or by part page.  Publishers usually pay 10% royalty only on full books usually after the author has paid for the printing and binding of many thousands of books. 

                                       EXPOSING THE LIBERTY OF THE 
                                                BUSINESS WORLD
The following table gives an approximate idea presuming the book sells for $5 has 1 thousand lines and has 40 pages. One thousand lines selling for 500 cents is 1/2 cent a line. 50% royalty per line is 1/4 of 1 cent.  The incentive increases as lots more cents are introduced to make a lot more sense. 

I will pay my contributors 3 million dollars for a full page contribution and
120 million dollars for a full book based on the book selling for $5
and has 1 thousand lines on 40 pages and sells 100 million copies.

The following table is based on 50% royalty on e-books.
E-books are more cost effecient to produce and sell therefore I can pass on these savings to my contributors. There will be 50% royalty paid after printing and postage costs on hard copy books.

              10 e-book sales=2 1/2 cents per line contribution.
              20 e-book sales=5 cents per line contribution.                        
            100 e-book sales=25 cents per line contribution.
            200 e-book sales=50 cents per line contribution.             
         1,000 e-book sales=$2.50 cents per line contribution.
         5,000 e-book sales=$12.50 cents per line contribution.
       10,000 e-book sales= $25.00 per line contribution.
       50,000 e-book sales= $125 per line contribution.
     100,000 e-book sake= $250 per line contribution.
  1,000,000 e-book sales=$2,500 per line contribution
100,000,000 e-book=$250,000 per line contribution.

I will pay out 250 million dollars for a full e-book
that sells for $5 and has sales of 100 million.
                                       WILL THERE BE ANY UNBELIEF
Any expressions of unbelief by any person as to whether this goal can be achieved reflects not only on Paula and myself and my contributors but also on the person of unbelief who does not know their own potiential yet. Both Paula and myself are God fearing people and would not dare convey unbelief toward another persons vision because that person has been created in the image of a creative God and they also are creative. 

                                    HOW TO SEND IN CONTRIBUTIONS

E-mail me your manuscript or sketch or photograph.  Please try to keep manuscripts in kiss mode. K.I.S.S. Keep it Sweet and Simple. It will be my decision as to the contributions that I publish and my decision as the contributions that I do not publish. I will keep on file all correspondence I receive.

Manuscripts that are not published will be helpful research and I may get back at a later time. I will be thoughtful towards the effort that you have made. I also need illustrations either by sketching or by photographs to enchance articles in my books.
True to life or cartoon style sketches. These draw the same royalty as text for the space they occupy.

Many times I would like to contact the author of the book I was reading to make comment or to ask for further information.

Our readers may make comment or send contributions by e-mail.

All contributions will be published in a  book separate to my books and be entitled  "The works of my contributers" all subjects will be in the same book.
In the case of a full size book the book will carry the title made by the contributer.

E-products opens the way to selling video productions of any interesting subject.



The debate could go on for years as to weather AUSLIBERTY THE PUSH BIKE is a product of Enginering Excellence or a product of just plain Aussie Know How.

This push bike has a transmission that is equal to a normal low gear.
The difference being is that this bike stays in low gear from start to top speed.

As speed increases the pedal speed remains the same. The faster any vehicle travels the power must increase as road and air friction increases. It is at this time that power must increase the vehicle is shifted into a higher gear which makes the power decrease so the legs or motor does not over spin.

Climbing a steep hill we go to a lower gear as more power is needed.
Likewise going to a high speed even on level road requires more power but power is decreasing instead of increasing as we shift to a higher gear.

There is more development to go before Ausliberty reaches the market place.                                             


 Sometimes to tell a new story we only have to tell an old one.
For an example talk to people about hot air exchange engines and most likely they have never heard of them though they were invented about a hundred years ago.
They are also called Stirling motors, named after the person were invented them.

There is a photo on the Internet of one running  in the palm of a hand operating on the temperature differene between the warmth of the hand and the surrounding room temperature.


We have The Complete Works of William Shakespere because he has passed on and he can not add any more work.  

My work is available as seperate books but if I present them all together in an album I will call the album  The Continuing  Works of Geoffrey Wheeler

As I am very much alive I am always continuing to add to my books and always learning things and also almost forgotten things come to the surface in my mind regulary that I have known over the years.            

GEOFFREY and PAULA WHEELER                


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